I miss blogging

Around fifteen years ago, give or take a few years I was unbelievably proud to claw my way into the Top 100 Australian Blogs (I think I might have gotten to 75th or so).

It was an amazing period to be involved in blogging.

A grassroots, exciting time where people from all walks of life were blogging about all kinds of different topics.

During these early days, I met friends who I still talk to regularly and some I don’t but will occasionally think of and wonder what they’re up to and sadly a few no longer with us.

In the “old days,” it was an extremely supportive environment, even I ran a collaborative blog (the coalition of awesomeness) and a site about pop culture heroines that invited bloggers to submit articles.

I used to write a blog about home gardening of all topics LOL.

Before social media, I’d regularly write long-form musings on all sorts of things. One of my first pop-culture blog posts was about who could play a younger Sarah Conner, years later at least two women have played the part (neither of which I predicted – one of them I wouldn’t have even had heard of!).

Blogging moved along and everyone’s personal blogs slowly dwindled as the ease of social media took over. The reward of likes against 140 character posts versus slaving over daily mini-essays that will be read by few and commented on by even fewer.

Blogs became wrapped up into bigger blogging networks who became the faceless powerhouses. But lately, I’ve seen the trend changing, maybe not so much the community which has definitely shifted to social media but there are people blogging again (or continued to do so and I’ve noticed again).

And this has made me nostalgic for when I used to spend more time writing.

I don’t expect to get a huge amount of external acknowledgement, I genuinely think to be successful when doing this is doing it for yourself.

Of course, it’s not like I haven’t tried something like this before this, the blog itself has been restarted several times and I think over the last three years I’ve written all of ten posts. So no promises, we’ll just see how it all goes.