Into the wilderness, the unbeaten track after 40

My fortieth birthday came and went somewhat painlessly back in April.  It was actually quite wonderful and I spent the day being spoiled by my wife and hanging out in some nature.  A while before that though I wrote about the road to forty and I guess it was a challenge to myself to not let the milestone go past unnoted, as I often used to with birthdays and I think regretted it afterwards.  These challenges were:

  1. I want to be in the best shape of my life.
  2. I want to finally settle into an art style.
  3. I want less anger and frustration in my life.
  4. I’d like more simplicity.
  5. I want to go somewhere cool for my birthday that means something to me.

Now with the help of CrossFit, I think I certainly achieved point number one despite various setbacks I weigh less than I have in decades, I recently bought pants one size smaller (though I think this was more to do with dodgy sizing, I’ll take it!) and I generally feel better than ever.  On point number two I don’t think I really committed myself to this but I’m okay where my style is right now, I think this was more about doubting it than anything.  I certainly have less anger and frustration in my life and when I don’t I’m more mindful of it.  Simplicity possibly has escaped me but then maybe it was a poor challenge as it’s a process, though it does tie into the next point and the reason why I write this today.

Going somewhere cool for my birthday.

Tracey is also turning forty this year and so we decided to do a bit of a trip to celebrate for both of us.  Originally it was to be the San Francisco and as that trip slowly started to form things got a little weird in the US and we felt we were overcomplicating what we wanted.  So we turned our attention to our own backyard, well sort of.  Tomorrow morning we head all the way down to Tasmania to set off on the Three Capes Track.  After which we’ll be spending some time at Cradle Mountain as well as Bruny Island.

As breathtaking as all this scenery looks we’re really looking forward to taking a break from our lives and trying to spend the time refocusing ourselves for the next stage of our lives.

I know so many people who have hit forty or thereabouts and reexamined what they wanted out of life and made huge changes.  I’m not even sure if that’s something I’m interested in, there are elements of my life that I really love right now and there are parts in which I feel hopelessly lost and without direction, as I’m sure many people do.

As Tracey and I trek our way through Tasmania (hopefully not freezing to death) I’m hoping we’re going to have space to really contemplate and talk and gather ourselves.  I think we need the time away from normal life to really assess it all and even if we come away with no idea or plan at least we should have some pretty photos 😀