Trading in my trading cards

Whilst rummaging around in my stuff looking for items to let go of in the increasingly challenging minimalism challenge (Tracey and I are getting rid of items each day of this month, the number of items is what day it is i.e. the 14th is 14 items.) I discovered a box of my old trading cards.  Some of them date back nearly 35 years so I’m shocked that there are cards that are in good condition from then (not many).

Seaspray - Transformers trading card

Seaspray was my very first Transformer awwwww.

We didn’t have a lot of cash when I was growing up so there weren’t too many Transformers in my house, certainly none of the big ones so the bubblegum cards were a way of “collecting” them.  I can still remember the smell of the bubblegum that came with them and the excitement of finding a card you loved and the disappointment at a double up.  Though a double up did mean you could swap it for someone else’s and hopefully complete your set.  Of course completing a set was a pipe dream back then, not enough pocket money or supply.

So I guess it’s nice to see them but the only reason I still have any of them is because I just haven’t gotten around to offloading them.  They’re not worth anything apart from sentimental value and the reality of that is that I forgot I even had them.  I did find them several years ago when I decided to hang on to them to randomly drop them in books and send them on with drawings that people bought so I think I’m just going to start that up again.  I like the idea that randomly one of these cards might make its way into someone’s hands who will get a moment’s joy out of the discovery.

So if you do buy one of my illustrations and find a couple of trading cards, that’s all it is.  Feel free to leave one in a library book as a bookmark or give them to someone else or throw them out.

In the meantime I thought it would be cool to scan them all in (maybe not my Batman Returns cards I literally have 100s of them) and post them through my Twitter account using the hashtag #tradingcards.  I’ll space them out throughout the day and night but if you find it irritating feel free to mute the hashtag.

I’ve got a reasonable mix of cards, Transformers of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters 2, Robocop 2, Farscape, a lot of Star Trek ones, Judge Dredd, Marvel, DC and so many Batman and Batman Returns ones.

So if I ever give you a book or send you something check the envelope or the pages for one of these randoms!

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