The ten films I’m most looking forward to in 2017

So yesterday I put up my pretty dismal list of films that I genuinely enjoyed in 2016 (that came out 2016). It was a short list which I’ve explained off with blockbuster fatigue which makes some of the entries into this list a little ironic (or is that hypocritical? I’ll ask Alanis).

These are kind of in order but that changes given my mood:

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Holy shit I’m excited for this. The Fifth Element is one of my favourite films of all time (Tracey too) and Jean-Claude Mézières is such an amazingly talented illustrator whose work has influenced everything from Star Wars to Conan the Barbarian to Independence Day (all unfortunately without credit).

If this is done right this will be the film of the year.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

I just hope they don’t go soft and fuck this one up. The trailer looks fun but I am very wary that Disney will just try and cash in and play it safe. Let James Gunn do whatever he wants and see where it goes.

I am excited to see Kurt Russell, everything is better with Kurt Russell.

Blade Runner 2049

Sold completely on the trailer and the participation of Harrison Ford. The teaser trailer captures the tone perfectly of the original film (whichever version) and I think Ryan Gosling is a great choice to lead the sequel.

I’m also happy that it’s a sequel and not a bloody remake.


The Fate of the Furious

Oh god this looks so ridiculous, I love it, I love the whole silly franchise!

This will be an interesting one as they appear to try and shake things up with Vin Diesel betraying the “family”. The key to the franchise’s success has been its integrity to the motivations of the characters and who they are. As silly as they may all be they’ve successfully manoeuvred these characters through seven films and kept them true to the audience’s expectations.

Eventually, though this has got to run out of gas (do you see what I did there???).

Also Kurt Russell.

Alien: Covenant

I’m a little hesitant of this one, Alien is such a perfect film that in my opinion has only been diminished by its sequels (oh settle down Aliens fans – Alien is the better film). I’m amongst the minority that actually really enjoyed Prometheus if only in its aesthetics so seeing Scott return more directly to Alien is of great interest to me.

That being said my tolerance of “scary” films has reduced greatly over the years so whilst I’ll check this out at the movies I suspect there will be some pressing reasons for me to stare at my popcorn whilst certain sequences are on.



Yeah, I’m a sucker for a really good trailer and hells yeah this was a really fucking good trailer.

Even if they just take the tone from Old Man Logan this film will be significantly better than the previous instalments. So far everything they’re doing looks good (poster, trailer etc).

So far everything they’re doing looks good (poster, trailer etc).

War for the Planet of the Apes

I didn’t mind the first one but I waited ages to see the second one and was completely blown away by how good a film it was. If they keep up the quality then this will be really bloody good again. This time I’ll try not to leave it so long to watch it, Tracey won’t go see it with me because animals die and she has a no animals dying policy when it comes to film. We got five minutes into John Wick before she checked out and promptly turned the film off.

Ghost in the Shell

This will either be really good or really bad, I can’t imagine it falling in between. I’m not a slave to the original anime so I’m okay with them making it, I don’t feel great about them white washing the main character, I think this may have been higher on the list had they kept Asian actors in the roles. But white washing aside it is exciting to see an anime live action film.

Star Wars Episode VIII

I enjoy them well enough, they have spaceships and lasers and robots but I’m not a member of the cult and if they stopped making them tomorrow I don’t think I’d be that upset. At least this is a proper instalment this time, hopefully not a remake of Empire.

At least this is a proper instalment this time, hopefully not a remake of Empire.

Hopefully more singing.

Wonder Woman

It’s just been a long fucking time coming and I really hope they manage to get this right. I want to see this more than the whole Justice League film because I’m expecting that to be a bit of a dog’s breakfast. Hopefully with Wonder Woman we’ll get to see a good standalone film that celebrates the icon and doesn’t just reduce her to some over sexualised fanboy fantasy, which to be fair I don’t think we’ve seen a hint of yet.

So there you have it, these are my going to make the effort of going to the cinema to see films. There are hopefully a bunch of films I just haven’t heard of yet that are coming ready to knock my socks off, I’m definitely going to be making an effort to get along to some lesser advertised or hyped films to support them.

There are a couple of other films that could have gone on this list, Spider-Man looks good, Justice League if only to see the train wreck as it happens (I’m sure they can surprise me – in fact I’m more than hopeful!), Power Rangers just out of curiosity, The Dark Tower which I haven’t read but am interested, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage looks so fucking horrible that it could be fun.

Speaking of which.

There’s one other film that transcends this list, a film that will probably be the best film of all time, past or future. A film that will shape the way people live.

That film is:


Gerard Butler stars in a film directed by Dean Devlin:

The failure of climate-control satellites threatens to unleash a worldwide storm.

It gets better, Den of Geek reported:

The Gerard Butler-headlined sci-fi action flick Geostorm is undergoing extensive reshoots – two years after production wrapped.

That could only make the film better!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow as I poke a stick at the other films coming out this year.

Update!  I decided not to write that post about the films in 2017 that are going to suck or are unnecessary – they know who they are, they don’t need me pointing it out 😉