Fanboy changes I would have made to Star Wars The Last Jedi

Straight off the bat I warn you that this is a spoiler laden musing around what fanboy changes I would have made to Star Wars The Last Jedi (I forget which episode number we’re up to now).  I also want to warn that whilst I grew up on Star Wars (the original trilogy, yes I’m THAT old) it’s not really my universe.  I liked Star Wars The Last Jedi, I didn’t love it, but I certainly didn’t hate it.  The viewing experience definitely dipped more in the positive side of things and whilst I know people hated the humour I found myself laughing several times.  I also begrudgingly enjoyed the Porg and I hope that Chewbacca has seen the light and crossed over to a plant based diet.

I guess Star Wars for me has run its race, the sheer volume of marketing being thrown at this franchise plus the over saturation with numerous films coming out have left me colder on the franchise rather than excited for it.  I’ve seen people getting quite worked up about loving this film (and yay, there’s nothing wrong with that, except when you become slightly zealous towards people who don’t care) and others all up in lather about outright hating it (dislike it sure but there’s already so much negativity in the world).  The benefit of detachment is that you don’t get your hopes dashed and that was certainly the case here.

That said there were two parts that I really felt could have used a fanboy injection.

Seriously, there’s definitely going to be spoilers from here on so go away if you’ve not seen it.

1. The Code Breaker

Nothing would have made me happier than the code breaker turning out to be none other than Lando Calrissian.  Yes of course the whole betrayal from the Code Breaker later on would have had to have been rewritten but to be honest his betrayal didn’t feel all that important in the film and an old Lando, fleecing the scumbag arms dealers and stealing one of their ships would have been phenomenal and a great way to reintroduce the character and then link him to Finn as his dad.

2. A council of force ghosts

I was genuinely happy to see Yoda and I think they captured the original puppets movements really well but I’m greedy, why not grab Ewan McGregor and add Obi-wan Kenobi to the conversation and for that matter why not Anakin Skywalker, I read rumours that Hayden Christensen was supposed to be in The Force Awakens and again it would have been really cool these ghosts hanging over Luke as he made his decision to destroy the temple.  Overkill?  Maybe but you’ve got access to them why not use them, connect the film even more to the franchise.

Neither of these would drastically enhance the film and I don’t think it’s lacking without them, they’re just idle musings on the matter. As for the rest of it, I don’t really have any problems with any of it, the plot is all a bit pointless and repetitive but that’s fine.  Of course when the rebellion wins this time around maybe they can put some sort of support structure in place so as to avoid the rise of the Empire or whatever they’re calling themselves now.

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