So what did I think of the films I was most looking forward to in 2018

Every year I do a round up of the films I’m looking forward to in the coming year. I’m not entirely sure why I’ve persisted with it because I barely get to the cinema anymore and my film watching even at home is spotty at best.

But I do enjoy looking over the list and seeing how absolutely rubbish I am at predicting these things, or how Hollywood continues to let me down.

Go check out the list for 2018 here.

  1. Jurassic World 2 Fallen Kingdom – yeah I didn’t care for this film at all. I thought it was remarkably dumb, which isn’t always a bad thing but here it seemed to completely go off the rails. They wasted Jeff Goldblum despite focusing a lot of their advertising attention on him and then they were just mean. The scene where the brachiosaurus is wailing on the dock whilst the volcano engulfs it was really just mean and unnecessary. Actually, most of the dinosaur treatment in this film was a pretty horrible indictment on humanity. Maybe that was the point, maybe I kind of need wonder in hope in my life LOL.
  2. Ready Player One – I adored the book so the movie was never going to live up to that expectation. I think I thought it was okay, the story was a little lacking but it was overly compensated by the visual smorgasbord of pop culture reference. The terrible bloody ending though.
  3. Isle of Dogs – there was a time where I would line up in the rain to go see a Wes Anderson film and I was super excited by this but I just haven’t gotten around to watching it. I read a few articles about cultural appropriation targeted at the film. Not having seen it and also being a white middle age male I don’t think I can properly judge that. I will see it, maybe even tonight for New Year’s Eve.
  4. Deadpool 2 – yeah this met my expectations in a big way, was a lot of fun and managed to keep pace with the first Deadpool. I think they’ve hit upon a perfect storm when it comes to Deadpool. Hilariously cool and fun.
  5. Tomb Raider – literally just watched this the other night and it was pretty so-so. It all looks amazing and she is a great Lara Croft but the writers had her doing some pretty dumb shit throughout. I think I was distracted through most of the film because she didn’t sign the papers at the start which was incredibly annoying. The film seems VERY intent on setting up sequels, I’m just not sure it warrants any.
  6. Alita – Battle Angel – Mmmm was this delayed? I’m still keen to see it though I read a lot of predictions of it flopping miserably.
  7. The Incredibles 2 – I just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for this, I’ll watch it when it comes to a streaming service I own but I doubt I’m going to specifically pay to watch it. Heard it’s okay but a lot of the same.
  8. Mortal Engines – I, like everyone else apparently, didn’t go see this. I’m not even sure if it’s been released in Australia yet. Again this is another one that I’m not rushing to see until it’s on Netflix or Stan. I am definitely still interested though.
  9. Ant-Man and Wasp – I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed the first one, maybe a little more. It’s a good solid Marvel film, don’t expect your life to be changed by it and just enjoy the good-natured romp that it is.
  10. The Predator – I feel this came and went without much fanfare, I’m definitely going to watch it, I’ve got it ready to go and I just need to find the time to check it out. But I heard so little about it when it came out that it has me pretty cautious.

So quick update – I just watched The Predator and I actually quite enjoyed it.

So that’s my round up of the films I was hoping for in 2018, not exactly inspiring but then that’s just been me with film these days. Television has become so well done that it’s hard to get too excited over an hour and a half.

I’ll have a look at next year’s films and post something before midnight just so I can do this again next year 🙂