The rice cooker conundrum

I make no claims to being even a vaguely competent cooker of rice, when I was growing up we’d just boil it in a lot of water and then strain it.  Then after learning of the absorption method I’d haphazardly give that a go, usually with okay results but it was tedious (I’m writing about cooking rice, yes I understand the definition of tedious) or just plain lazy.

Then we bought our first rice cooker.

Damn if it didn’t cook perfect rice with almost no effort!  That’s awesome, but what the hell is this rice pancake stuck to the inside?!?!

As mentioned I’m no rice expert and I’ve barely even googled this problem however for the last ten or twenty years I’ve used various models of rice cooker they all bake a layer of unusable rice on the bottom that is a pain in the arse to clean.

I’m assuming that Asian restaurants do not have this problem, yet I’ve seen them using rice cookers.  Or do they too suffer at the hands of the rice cooker pancake?!?!  Is this just us??  It’s not too much or too little water as we’ve tried both with the same effect.

Is it just that we have a cheap nasty rice cooker because I don’t believe that’s the case (granted ours does only have two settings cook and warm and I see other models with all sorts of buttons and displays).  Is there a trick I’m missing?

Surely they’re not designed to work this way and everyone is supposed to just accept it?

If you have a suggestion or suffer the same please let me know below!!!

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