My reading pile is getting a little out of control

Quite a while ago Tracey and I culled our massive book collection to the bare essentials and I started reading eBooks.  Then the pleasure of reading physical paper books started creeping back in and this is a very slippery slope as the to-read pile has been building up.

The reading pile

I’m currently reading The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three after burning through the first book in anticipation of the film.  It’s a really good read and I appreciate adding the term lobstrocities to my vocabulary, Stephen King is a master world builder (or worlds as the case may be).  I don’t even know exactly how many books are in the series, we got them as a set because Tracey wanted to read them so I’m reading the books as she finishes them.  What that does do is give me a break between novels which I’m trying to shuffle this bunch in.

Mass Effect – Andromeda: Nexus Uprising

So I recently finished Mass Effect Andromeda and unlike apparently most people I actually really enjoyed the game. I mean it’s not as good as Mass Effect 2 but then very few games can claim that anyway.  I liked the characters and I really enjoy the ME universe so whilst I’m doubtful that it’s going to get the DLC update I hope for I’m kind of excited to get to read about the Nexus Uprising as a second best thing.  The book is set before the game and sounds like it features a lot of the characters you encounter throughout the game so maybe getting a different insight into them may drum up enough enthusiasm to replay.

These tie-in books don’t tend to be literary masterpieces but I’ve actually read some really good video game tie-ins in the past so I think this will be my next read.

Saga of Shadows: Book One and Book Two

I was a huge fan of The Saga of the Seven Suns which was this epic seven science fiction / space opera book series written in the style of fantasy novels.  Huge books, lots of characters and massive story arcs.  The funny thing is though that even after the years it took me to get them all read I really am more than happy to return to this universe and see what else happens.  I thought once I finished I’d be done with it all but I’m keen to get to these.  They are pretty daunting though as they are huge books and a commitment. Also I’ve got to order the third book, at least I know they’ve been finished!


Yeah, I’ve never read it.

Everyone who has read it says that I must read it and whilst down in Melbourne for work I discovered books two and three in brand new condition in the hotel lobby library / book swap.  So I went on the hunt for a copy of book one and found an old beat up copy in my local second-hand store for about $1.  I completely intend on reading this classic just so I can see what the fuss is all about.

Star Trek novels

I had at one stage a complete collection of paperback Star Trek novels spanning all of the TOS and TNG periods, they filled a couple of boxes and whilst my intentions were good there was just no way I was going to read them all.  Some of them actually don’t age well and contradict the later shows and movies and sometimes that can be a little distracting.  Also, the general books had some very strict boundaries they couldn’t cross unless they were given special permission and so they weren’t as impactful as they may have been.  So I got rid of all those paperbacks and have only just recently been reading the odd standalone novel and these are the three I’ve currently got slated.

The Turners

This was super cheap at Big W so I grabbed it because the artwork caught my eye.  It’s aimed at kids obviously but it’s a style of writing that I think I wouldn’t mind having a crack at so I’m going to read this to get a feel for it.  If it’s good there are a couple of sequels out which all look fun as well so I might give them a read as well!

The Shadow of What Was Lost

Ok, I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I’m just a sucker for the cover and this book just stuck out on the shelves (another Big W prize).  I don’t know anything about it except that it’s a fantasy novel and part of a trilogy.  I don’t generally ever read fantasy, that’s more Tracey’s bag than mine but I very occasionally like to roll the dice outside of scifi.

Jurassic Park and Philosophy: The Truth Is Terrifying

I sneaked this one in with one of Tracey’s book orders and was surprised when she actually ordered it!  I have a lot of these pop culture philosophy books and I also have a mixed relationship with them.  I really have to be in the mood to read them but fortunately, they are broken up into shorter essays which mean that I generally have two or three of these going at the same time.  I’m also working my way through an Iron Man one and a Batman one.  Both of which get pretty limited mileage from me but I have the best intentions as they are always very insightful and do give me things to ponder, which I imagine is their goal.

I haven’t even picked this up and leafed through it yet, I think it will probably end up on the pile of all the other pop culture books being picked away at over years (if not decades).

Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World

I started reading this ages ago when I got it out of the library and was struck by how good it was and when I wasn’t able to finish it before returning it to the library decided that I’d like my own copy to keep and possibly make notes in etc.  I do admit to struggling sometimes with these books as I can’t read them before bed which is my peak reading time.  I have to make the time to read them and as we all know time is indeed precious.  I love the concepts in here that almost any complex scenario can be broken down into simple rules to apply so I think it’s well worth making the time to read it properly.

Humans Bow Down

Look it’s a robot apocalypse, I’m not really sure what else to say here.  I don’t think I’ve ever read one of James Patterson’s books but he sure does seem to have a lot of them.  If this is even half as good as Robopocalypse then I’ll be a happy man.

The Massacre of Mankind

I don’t even care if this is an endorsed sequel or not, Stephen Baxter’s The Time Ships was an exceptional sequel to The Time Machine so I have faith that this will be fitting.  I hope that this actually presents a thoughtful depiction of what Earth recovering from an alien invasion would be like.  Independence Day 2 certainly didn’t fit the bill despite all the potential the story has.

New York 2140

What will New York be like in 2140?  Well, I only know what it’s like now through Friends and Sex and the City so I’m possibly working from a flawed city view.  I love futurism and this seems to promise a vision of the future that has dragged humanity along with it.  Whilst I appreciate the hopeful outlook that Star Trek offers the reality is sadly that humans are going to be human no matter where we are in the universe and what technology we have at our fingertips.  I don’t mind that though, what kind of new problems will we find when we cure all the diseases or solve world hunger?  I’m hoping this will give me some of that.  If it’s good I might go on to read 2312.

The Wandering Earth 

This is a collection of science fiction short stories from Chinese author Cixin Liu.  I picked this up at random with a gift card because I’m keen to try something completely new in the science fiction genre.  The idea of what does someone from China see as science fiction and where the world will be going is fascinating.  Also it’s been ages since I’ve read a collection of short stories so this should break things up nicely.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Again a random gift certificate purchase that appears to have very good reviews and basic plot appeals greatly to me.  “Follow a motley crew on an exciting journey through space…” I’m going to stop you right there, I’m in.  When I get book gift certificates I really do like to get random stuff that I wouldn’t normally pick up for myself and I’d never heard of this until I saw it on the shelf so I only have a vague idea of what I’m getting in to.  Hopefully, it will blow me away but if not I can always leave it at a hotel lobby book exchange.

So yeah, I did not expect that to be such a long list to write about and I applaud you if you got all the way to here.  Hey, I lumped all the Star Trek books together so you have to give me some credit (except for all my Star Trek friends who want to know more about those books… pfft you already know settle down.).

If you’re on Goodreads why not touch base there, looking back at some of my star ratings I can be pretty savage LOL.


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