Five food docos that I think everyone should watch

Anyone who has known me for a while knows that a few years back I hit rock bottom healthwise.  After years of ignoring my Type 2 diabetes, eating an atrocious diet (despite being vegetarian, yup you can eat really badly as a vegetarian) and next to no proper exercise my immune system was left shattered.

At one stage I had continual nose bleeds and I was chronically sick.

After a somewhat confronting doctor’s visit which basically laid it all out in black and white, I would be dead in less than a couple of years unless radical changes were made.  Also I would be on medication for the rest of my life.

It shook me awake.  But it was only the beginning of the journey.

I’m a lazy eater and I have a number of quirks/OCD issues when it comes to food.  For a while I lived on barely anything more than those meal replacement shakes, I’ve just never really been interested in food.

After twelve years as a vegetarian and a diabetic I turned back to meat protein, it’s a lazy low GI food that’s readily available.  I didn’t like it but I was struggling.  Interestingly almost every time I ate animal protein my stomach would be upset for days and I had to slowly reintroduce it.  It never really took as I continued to get sick after every meat heavy meal.

Then I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead and it changed my whole perspective on shit.

I’ve never been more interested in what I actually eat and what it does to me, I’m back to being completely vegetarian bordering on vegan but I’m no way strict enough to qualify for that label(I’m really not into the vegetarian label either but that’s not what this is about).  I care about what it is that I’m eating and where it’s coming from and after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead embarked on whole different kind of binge: a food doco binge!

These are the five food docos that I think everyone should watch, even if you don’t believe them or believe that they are skewed too far one side they should make you think and assess what you’re feeding yourself and your family:

These are the five films (six if you count the sequel to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which is really important to watch as well) that have really helped me question what I’m eating and think about the effect food has on me.  I don’t agree with everything in them but the stuff I don’t agree with has only reinforced my resolve to research why I don’t agree.  To be better informed and to change how I live and I agree with a lot more than I don’t.

I’m still struggling and I’m still suffer the effects from the years of neglect that I’ve put my body through but these films have had an extremely positive influence on me and I thought it might be nice to share that with you all.

And whilst I’m more than happy to engage in conversation over what I eat (I’m a huge fan right now of a combination of whole foods and vegetable juice as a supplement)  please don’t feel you need to convince me to see things your way or defending yourself from some imaginary accusation. Watch the docos and make up your own mind and if you want to have a reasonable discussion then feel free to head back over here, if you want to argue then there’s a whole internet out there just waiting for you.