Drawing my movie collection

A few years ago before the time of the collection cull, I had a DVD collection.  A mighty DVD collection that spanned multiple bookcases and when valued for insurance purposes came in at a ridiculous amount that made me more than a little queasy.  In my defence, I had gotten the majority of them in sales, it was a period where DVD sales were at an all-time high and many movies were coming in at $5 or so.  I didn’t really love them, there were some that were unopened when I got rid of them.  They were a collection for collection sake.

So they were culled, sold or given away until I was left with a couple of rarities that aren’t available online or on blu-ray.

Of course yes, that’s when blu-ray came along and I have for the most part resisted being too completist with them, especially thanks to Netflix.  But it’s a decent sized collection of films still and I think I could probably cull some of them again.  Throw in the fact that we’re a 4k household now and some of those discs are starting to creep into the collection as well.

So whilst away in the wilds of Tasmania, I thought a neat way to go through the collection properly and confirm I still enjoy them all was to not only rewatch them all but also take advantage of the opportunity to set myself a drawing schedule.  So I’m going to slowly work my way through my blu-rays and 4k’s and weigh up whether I still feel the need to hang on to them.

The illustrations I’m going to do from each of them are going to be done with ink and nib pen because I don’t force myself to use them enough and they always add a wonderfully organic look to my already scribbly pics.

I’ll list the movies here in this post and pop the images up on Lee Draws Stuff as well.

Obviously, this is not the full collection, as I work my way through them I’ll add them here and indicate if they’re being let go!